Monday, November 14, 2011

Life and Death

Death walks along his river of souls, sickle at the ready;
Reaping the blades of life that creep onto his territory.
He sneaked a glance at Life, who glowed in divine splendor
"Such power hath Life!" mused Death...
Harsh was he with some and with others so tender.
In all eternity their eyes had seldom met,
But when they did...
An unspoken promise and an unseen balance was kept.
As Life his gaze did lower...
Knew his seeds that blossomed, one day shall Death take over,
And these seeds will their wondrous Life forget,
Only to remember him when 'tis their time to meet Death...


  1. Tampi!!! I would love if you could explain this in words to me. And I would love typing up with your blog. Some of your works are so invigorating, that the moment I see them, i want to express them in words.
    Love you! Great work!

  2. Just for you I have composed my first poem explaining my painting!

  3. I don't have words. The magical poetess-cum-painter. I showed this painting around, but none could decipher it into words as beautiful as you. Great work! Keep it up!

  4. this is beautiful and different.
    I really loved it